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Americana Group


Americana Group is the leading and most successful restaurant, food processing, distribution, and retail company in the Middle East. Over the last 53 years, Americana Group has been an innovative pioneer in the food industry operating world leading brands like KFC, Pizza Hut, Hardee's, Krispy Kreme, Americana Meat, California Garden and many others. With an international network that spreads across 22 countries, Americana employs more than 66,000 people and owns more than 1800 restaurants throughout the Middle East. Americana accepts its social responsibility by supporting environmental protection, food conservation and education.




You’ll be a part of an organization that is driven by its values. Where people are positive, collaborate and are agile and innovative. We foster an environment that builds team spirit and supports productivity

You’ll enjoy both local and international exposure with exciting goals, challenges and rewards. Americana Group enjoys a global presence where all employees are equally entitled to advance their careers by being proactive and. It’s all about the Great People and the Great Food. That is what makes us a Great Company!


Imagine having an ambition to fulfill a successful career. Now is your chance to be a part of some of the world’s most known and loved brands. Now envision working in an environment that nurtures an open and diverse culture, and organization that fosters growth and career progression. This is what we firmly believe, embrace, live and breathe in Americana. Be a part of our family, where there endless opportunities.

So, we are seeking remarkable people to join us. The best of the best, in fact. If that sounds like you, explore our career opportunities and discover how we can change your world today.